About My Hunt 2.0


My Hunt 2.0 is ideated, coded and designed by Riccardo Trubiani.

By registering you can create your personal mobile "treasure hunting game": you can define

4 enigmas that lead to 4 secrets places: if other users can find all of these, they win the hunt and get 7 points.

The creator can also define 3 tips for each level, in order to help your players.

You can play to an hunt by registering, and then logging in with your smartphone at the hunt that you have chosen.

For the best experience, I recommend to use an iPhone 4.

To get your coordinates, the accuracy must be under 60 mt. The system works fine under 3G cover (not wifi) and in an open air space.

My Hunt 2.0 is not responsible for any offensive use of this system.

If an abuse is discovered, the hunt will be deleted as well as the user who created that.

Thank you and enjoy!